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  • OS%20Super%20Gemini%20300%20FT-300%20Flat%20Twin%20Four%20Stroke%20Radio%20Control%20Airplane%20Engine
  • OS%20Super%20Gemini%20300%20FT-300%20Flat%20Twin%20Four%20Stroke%20Radio%20Control%20Airplane%20Engine
  • OS%20Super%20Gemini%20300%20FT-300%20Flat%20Twin%20Four%20Stroke%20Radio%20Control%20Airplane%20Engine
OS Super Gemini 300 FT-300 Flat Twin Four Stroke Radio Control Airplane Engine
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OS Super Gemini 300 FT-300 Flat Twin Four Stroke Radio Control Airplane Engine

Weight: 1828g
Propeller Range: 18x10 20x8 22x8
Displacement: 24.38cc x2
Bore: 33.6mm
Stroke: 27.5mm
Power Output: TBA
Practical RPM: 1800-9000
With a capacity of almost 49cc, this is the largest of the Gemini series of horizontally opposed engines. For quarter scale models, its smoothness, power and realism make this a most convincing substitute for familiar chainsaw engine based two strokes. The FT-300 features pushrod driven overhead valves, five ball bearings, ringed pistons and a special prop locknut assembly as standard. The FT-300 is an engine you will be proud to own. Supplied complete with firewall engine mount, the FT-300 is designed for 18” x 10~14” to 22” x 8” props.
O.S. OS FT-300 Super Gemini

O.S. FT-300 Gemini Twin-Cylinder Ringed 4-Stroke Engine

This is a FT-300 Twin-Cylinder 4-Stroke Engine from O.S. Max.
This Engine is a Flat (Opposed) Twin-Cylinder Engine, called the Gemini-300".
It is Scale-Like in Appearance when Installed in a Piper Cub or Citabria.


  • 3-Crankshaft Ball Bearings
  • 2-Camshaft Ball Bearings
  • Twin Opposed Cylinders
  • Ringed Piston
  • Geared Camshaft (geared timing)
  • Two-year warranty



One Assembled FT-300 Twin 4-Stroke Engine
One Instruction Manual w/Decals, Poster
One Dual Glow Plug Extension Cable
One Locking Prop Nut Assembly (installed)
One Motor Mount (OSMG2808) (installed)
Two #F Glow Plugs (installed)
One Mounting Hardware Bag
One Valve Adjustment Tool Set (OSMG6334)
One Choke Valve Extension (Rod)


Technical Specifications:

Construction: Aluminum and Aluminum alloys
Displacement: 24.38cc (x2) or 1.49 cu in (x2)
Bore: 33.6mm (1.32")
Stroke: 27.5mm (1.08")
Power Output: 4.0 BHP at 7,000 RPM
Weight: 1828g (64.5oz)
Practical RPM Range: 1,800 - 9,000 RPM
Crankshaft Threading: 3/8-24
Length: 148mm (5.83") from firewall to front of drive washer
Width: 240mm (9.45")
Height: 90mm (3.54")
Suggested Props: 18x10,18x11,18x12,18x13,18x4,20x8,20x9,20x10, 20x11, 22x8
Needle Settings: High Speed: 1.5 turns out from fully closed
Mixture Control (low speed): 2 turns out from fully closed

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O.S. OS FT-300 Super Gemini
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