• CMPro Edge 540T ARF Uçak
  • CMPro Edge 540T ARF Uçak
  • CMPro Edge 540T ARF Uçak
  • CMPro Edge 540T ARF Uçak
  • CMPro Edge 540T ARF Uçak
CMPro Edge 540T ARF Uçak
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Marka :  CMPRO
5,286.37 TL   Kdv Dahil
910.00 USD

6.65~6.85 kg
Wing Loading
105~108 dm/2
Naca 0012
Wing Area
63 dm/2
Radio Control 
4 Ch 6 Servos
purchase separately
Gas Engine 
purchase separately

The Edge-540T (2000mm) ARF is a new member added to the CMPro aerobatic series. Agile and impressively coloured, it causes heads to turn. Construction is built-up balsa throughout except for the cowl and spats, this results in a light model. Our maximum for it is "It can if you can”!

This model has a shorter tail movement than the Giles’ and is capable of some impressive "flick” maneuvers.

The whole plane is pre-decorated in eye-catching color design. Decals come ready applied and protected by a clear coat.

The full aileron design enhances 3D performance. It can put on a magnificent display in the right hand!

Nicely painted Polystyrene wheel pants are light and durable.

Removable top hatch, easy to install, provides plenty room for assembly.

Engine is to be mounted from the front which makes assembly easy and fun.

All components are supplied pre-finished, with a quality hardware pack included.
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